2022-2023 Club Season Tryouts - Texas


2022-2023 PAVC Club Tryouts

PAVC TX Available Positions
We have positions available in different age groups on various teams. 

18s Team: 1 MB, 1 Pin, 1 Setter, and 1 DS/setter
16 Coastal: 1 MB and 1 Pin
15 Coastal: 1 MB, 1 Setter, 1 Pin, and 1 M/Opposite 
14 State: 1 MB, 1 Setter & 1 Pin
14 Local: 1 MB/Opp 

Make-Up Tryout Dates
Thursday, August 11 (6:30pm-8:30pm) - All Ages
Wednesday, August 24 (6:30pm-8:30pm) - All Ages
$60 tryout fee

Questions? Please email the Texas Director, Tiffany Jones, at precisionathleticstj@gmail.com.

Tryout Process Overview

The PAVC tryout process consists of trained coaches evaluating the skills and attitudes of prospective club players. At PAVC, we are not only observing the current skill level of players, but we are also evaluating the potential for player development and growth. During tryouts, we will be observing the following: volleyball skills, attitude, coachability, competitiveness, work ethic, listening skills, and sportsmanship. Once we have completed our evaluation process, we begin to group players on teams with members of similar skill level. We will then contact players and families via phone or email sharing an offer or advising ways for the player to increase their skills set or work on their attitude for future consideration. Our goal is to offer players roles on teams where they can grow as both a person and player. 

Finally, please do not contact PAVC staff members inquiring about roster decisions. We ask that players and parents respect our decisions regarding team rosters. Please know that we always aim to place players on teams where they have the opportunity for the most growth. We also aim to offer feedback to players that do not receive an offer. Unfortunately, we cannot extend a club team offer to every player that attends our tryouts.

All money paid to PAVC is non refundable/transferable within 24 hours of scheduled event. 2 Weeks notice is required for a a full refund (minus applicable convenience fees) and 1 weeks notice to receive transferrable credit to future events. Please contact Cara Martin (precisionathleticscmk@gmail.com) with any questions.