Emailing College Coaches

Messaging college coaches can seem like a nerve-wracking yet tedious task, but it is VITAL in the recruitment process as it is the simplest way to begin communication with a college coach.  Why do we need to email college coaches?  It is the first point of contact with a college coach that lets them know you are interested in their program.  It basically starts the entire communication process.

Where to Start:
You can message colleges via email or one of the Recruiting platforms we use (SportsRecruits/FieldLevel).  You can find email addresses on the school's volleyball page - under the coaches section.  I do not encouarge athletes to communicate with college coaches until they have SOME form of film - a skills tape, a quick highlight tape, etc.  That way, coaches can actually see who the player is that is contacting them.

The Intro:
Communication begins with the introduction email. Here are 5 Things that should be covered in your intro:

  • Your interest in the school/athletic program
    Do your research and find reasons why this school really peaks your interest.
  • Your Athletic "About Me"
    Basics: Grad year, position, height, etc.
    Accolades: Anything that makes you stand out (touching 10', All-Conference MVP, team captain, etc.)
  • Your Academic "About Me"
    GPA, SAT/ACT scores, etc. as well as any academic honors/awards
  • Your club schedule
  • Links to film
    If it is attached to your profile, simply mention that you have film on your profile that you would love for them to view

Luckily for you, PAVC has a template for an introduction email that you can edit and personalize.  You can find it here!

Communication Rules:
NCAA DI & DII schools are not permitted to reach out to YOU for recruiting purposes until June 15th after you complete your sophomore year, but YOU can reach out to THEM no problem!  DIII & NAIA can return emails and phone calls at any time.
Sometimes, when you reach out to a school, you will receive an email expressing that they cannot directly recruit you, but you can attend a camp or clinic at their school (marketing, basically).  You can still respond to this email and attend a program if it is a school you are really interested in!

Final Communication Tips:

  • Use proper and professional grammar with an excited tone.
  • Everytime you upload a new tape, it is a communication touchpoint to reach out to a coach and let them know you have some new footage!
  • ALWAYS respond to emails within 24 hours if possible!

Still have some questions? Reach out to me and I can help you draft up an email!
Remember - this process is heavily based on the energy you put into it.  You got this!