Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q: How will COVID-19 affect my daughter's club season?

A: There is no exact way to tell how exactly our seasons will change.  However, based on what we have seen thus far, the following is what we believe you can expect.

At Tournaments:

  • Less spectators permitted in facilities
  • Less courts for more social distancing
  • On-site temperature checks & sanitizing
  • Mask requirements for spectators
  • Staggered arrivals/departures
  • Stricter guidelines on outside food, drinks, chairs, etc.
  • Little to no contact with other team, and own team huddles, etc. limited.
  • More waivers and liability releases
  • More live stream/watch remotely options

At Practices:

  • No spectators permitted
  • Number of athletes in gym decreased
  • Pre and post-practice protocol (see protocol flyer)
  • Mask requirements for spectators
  • Staggered arrivals/departures—in one way, out another way
  • Updated liability releases

What You Can Do:

  • Stay home if you are sick or have been around anyone sick
  • Sanitize frequently
  • Wear masks (spectators always; players: while off the court)
  • Do not allow child to share any equipment (bottles, towels, etc.)
  • Stay calm, be smart, and be respectful of those around you

Q: What are the differences between each level of teams?


Developmental & 12U Teams

The developmental teams are for beginners and less experienced players who desire to practice regularly and compete at a local level. We minimize the number tournaments that our 12U teams attend to focus on their development of skills and practice times.

Regional Teams

The Regional level teams will play in NC Regional tournaments only. We aim to enhance each player's skill and work towards the goal of better competition play throughout the season. Within our Regional program, we work with the player's schedule for outside activities.

State Teams

Our State Level teams will travel within the State of North Carolina to compete against some of the best teams in the area. We strive for every player to attend all tournaments and practices at this level.

Coastal Teams

Our Coastal Level Teams travel to high competitive tournaments in North Carolina and along the East Coast. We strive to have all players attend all practices and tournaments scheduled during season.

Semi-National Teams

Our Semi-National teams are advanced level teams that travel throughout NC and the East Coast to compete again top level teams from around the country. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments when accepting a position on a semi-national team. 

National Teams

Our National Teams will compete at a high level both at tournaments and during practices. We expect that players focus solely on school and volleyball at this level during Club Season due to the intensity of the practices and tournaments the team attends. 


Developmental Teams

The Developmental teams are for beginners and less experienced players who desire to practice regularly and participate in tournaments. We minimize the number of tournaments for this level to focus on their overall development of skills at this level and help them to learn the game of volleyball. The goal is to teach them the sport and support them as they begin to learn and play competitive volleyball. We aim to enhance each player’s skill and work towards better competition play throughout the season. Developmental teams will travel within the Houston-metro area and surrounding suburbs.

Local Teams

Our Local level teams will participate in tournaments located in the greater Houston-metro area and surrounding suburbs. We aim to grow each player’s skill level and work towards better competition play throughout the season. While we are able to work with players who have outside activities at this level, we expect players to attend most practices at this level. Practice attendance is important so that they players can increase their volleyball skills..

State Teams

Our State level teams will participate in tournaments in the greater Houston-metro area and may travel anywhere in Texas. The goal is to allow these teams to participate in competitive tournaments with affordable and minimal travel. At this level, the goal is for players to attend most, if not all, practices and tournaments when accepting a position on our State teams. 


Our Coastal level teams will participate in tournaments in the greater Houston-metro area, and they may travel anywhere within the Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. The goal is to allow them to participate in higher levels of competition within these three states while also keeping travel requirements affordable. The flights to these regions are affordable for families and within reasonable driving distances from Sugar Land for families who wish to drive versus fly. We expect players to attend all practices and tournaments when accepting a position on our Coastal teams.  


Our Semi-national level teams will attend tournaments in the greater Houston-metro area and may travel to the Southern, Mid-western, and East regions of the United States. These teams will participate in a majority of multi-day tournaments. It is important that players and their families are able to commit to the busy Semi-national tournament schedule. We expect players to attend all practices and tournaments when accepting a position on a Semi-national team.   


Our National level teams can travel anywhere in the United States. The majority of tournaments scheduled for the National team will be multi-day events. It is important that players and families are able to commit to the busy play and travel schedule organized for this team. We expect players to attend all practices and tournaments when accepting a position on a National team.    

Q: What is the difference between club volleyball and recreational volleyball?

A: Club volleyball:

Paying for high quality coaching & practice time.
Competitive atmosphere.
Playing time is earned, not guaranteed.

A: Recreational volleyball:

Paying for the introduction to the sport through participation.
Everyone plays.
Minimal travel and commitment.

Q: What are your policies on playing time?

A: Playing time is at the discretion of each coach.  At PAVC, we are firm believers that playing time is EARNED. 

That being said, for our younger teams and lower level teams, we do our best to ensure that all players are given the opportunity to experience game-like situations and play in matches.  As players get older and competition level increases within our teams, playing time will not be equal.  Players are evaluated at practices and throughout tournaments to see who is the most competitive and providing what is needed FOR THE TEAM.  Playing time is based on the following:

  • Attitude
  • Work Ethic
  • Coachability
  • Hustle
  • Mentality (Team First)
  • Individual Performance
  • Team Performance (How well certain players work together)

Q: How often do teams practice?

A: Every team will practice two nights per week.

Developmental Teams – 1.5 hour practices.
National Teams – 2.5 hour practices.
All Other Level Teams – 2 hour practicess

Q: How are practices run?

A: The PAVC practice environment is highly focused and intense. During practices (as well as clinics, camps, and other programs), PAVC follows a scripted plan.

Our scripted plans are created by our athletic performance director, David Kounlamith, who is responsible for the overall approach and preparation of our training.  Our coaches are properly trained to execute these practices in a uniform way while holding true to their coaching styles and philosophies. This style of training maximizes efficiency, reps, and instruction for every program.

How does your daughter benefit through the PAVC approach to training?

  • Each player receives equal and consistent training regardless of age or individual coach.
  • Instruction and verbiage are the same from 12U to 18U, so your daughter will be accustomed to our training as she moves up in our program.
  • Your daughter receives perspectives from various coaches who master in different skill sets, so she is constantly getting new feedback.

Q: What should we expect at a travel tournament?

A: North Carolina travel requirements:

If the tournament is more than 3 hours away, you are required to be there the night before.

A: Texas travel requirements:

If the tournament is more than 2 hours away, you are required to be there the night before.

A: Hotel blocks and stay requirments will vary based on the type of event:

Hotel blocks will be announced by December if and when they are available. You are required to stay at the hotels that are blocked off for stay-to-play events. You are NOT required to stay at the hotel if the event is NOT stay-to-play. If you choose NOT to stay at the hotel that is blocked off, you are responsible for making sure your daughter is on time if and when the team walks to the tournament venue as well as making sure your daughter is present for all team events.

A: At times players will be required to remain with their teams:

During wave time and at coaches’ discretion, players are required to remain with their team so that they remain focused and are able to bond with their teammates.

A: PAVC has a STRICT no-phone policy at tournaments (and practices). 

PAVC's no-phone policy ensures that players are staying focused and involved with the team.

Q: What can my daughter do outside of practice become a more conditioned volleyball player?

A: PAVC offers specialized training programs that focus on overall health development for volleyball players. 

These sessions focus on speed and agility, strength and conditioning, and endurance training that aid in increased performance for youth athletes.

Q: My daughter has never played volleyball, but is interested in playing. Where do we start?

A: PAVC offers several programs for new players.

Precision Academy is a twice-a-week program that is ran in “sessions” that typically last within a month.  Our Academy program focuses on the overall development of beginning players.  They learn all skills (serving, passing, setting, hitting, etc.) as well as participate in some game-like play.

Beginners All Skills Clinics are held throughout the month and are a great way to be introduced to the game or for newer players to work on all skills.

Beginners All Skills Camps (SUMMER ONLY) focus on the introduction and development of basic skills for new players while adding component play and team building activities.

3 Day Tournament FAQ's

Keep reading for all about 3-Day Tourneys!

Q: Will the team play on all three days?

A. Yes, teams play on all three days during a 3-day tournament. Day one is pool play which determines the match-ups for day two. On day two, teams will participate in another round of pool play with different teams to determine which bracket they will be in on day three. Bracket play begins on day three, and teams will play until they lose or win their entire bracket on day three. 

Q: Do we know what time the teams will play?

A. No, we do not know what times teams will play at this time. Wave times have not been published this early. Additionally, the schedule for most tournaments is not typically published until 3-7 days before the tournament event. This is due to teams dropping for various reasons and additional teams from the waitlist being added or the pools being redesigned due to team drops. 

Q: Will my daughter miss a day of school?

A. Yes, unless the tournament occurs during a time when the team is out of school, players will miss either Friday or Monday. We will provide players with a note that can be submitted to the school regarding their absence. This note is provided to teams when players are participating in tournaments that include a week day as a part of the tournament play schedule. 

Q: Do we have to arrive a day early for a 3-day tournament?

A. Yes, we require all players to arrive the day before a 3-day tournament event. This helps to account for any travel delays and to ensure players are rested and situated before the long weekend of tournament play. Most players and coaches will go to work or school for half a day or the entire day before leaving for a 3-day tournament event. Personally, I always go to work on Thursday before leaving anytime between 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm to head to the 3-day tournament destination. The time our coaches and I leave is contingent on the distance we travel and if we are traveling by car or plane. Please keep in mind that you want your athlete to have ample time to rest and recover from any traveling so that she is physically and mentally prepared to play. For example, if the destination is 5 hours away and your family is driving, you may aim to leave no later than 6:00 pm if the team has a pm wave or 4:00 pm if the team has an am wave. Remember, players will always have to arrive at the court early. However, if your family is on a direct flight, you can schedule your flight to leave at 7:00 pm. 

Q: We are flying. What time should we book our return flight?

A. We always recommend booking flights home anytime after 6:00 pm. Tournament hosts of 3-day tournament events also recommend not booking flights prior to 6:00 pm. Flights after 6:00 pm are advised because we do not know if the team will start their bracket play on day three at 8 am, 11 am, or Noon. Additionally, if your court is behind on time, the 11:00 am match could start at 12:15 pm. Thus, every match occuring on that court in the afternoon will be behind time. Additionally, the evening return flight is advised because you must also account for the travel time to the airport and getting through airport security. 

Q: Will we have family time or time to do a personal activity?

A. Yes, families may have a little time to do an activity like visit a museum, visit a college campus, or eat at a local restaurant. However, please know that any family activity must be scheduled around the team's tournament play schedule and around the team activity. Teams will participate in a team bonding activity on the first or second tournament day. Players must participate in the team bonding activity because team bonding off the court supports team bonding on the court. More details about the team bonding activity will be shared with the team once the schedule is posted. 

Q: When will we receive specific details about the tournament?

A. We aim to send an informational email about all tournaments (1-day, 2-day, 3-day and 4-day) the week of the tournament event once the tournament schedule has been posted. This email will include information like how to purchase tickets, parking, spectator rules, and more. It is imperative that parents read the email thoroughly.