Please see below for all COVID-19 updates and information.

Updated 01/10/2021

A Message From Our Owners:

With the heart of Tournament Season currently taking place, we are becoming aware of additional steps we need to perform to ensure not only your daughter's safety, but also your entire family as well as our coaches. Therefore, based on the new COVID protocols that the CDC released on December 3, 2020 and our observations as the new year and tournament environments have taken shape, I wanted to send an update to our COVID Protocols from now through the foreseeable future. Please note if additional adjustments need to be made we will do so as we see fit and make parents aware. 
- All previously imposed protocols (check in process, ball cleaning, masks, etc.) are still in place.
- When entering practices, each team will have a specific location that their team will meet and will remain until being called to their designated courts.  
- Until further notice we will be holding off on Position Training DURING regular practices. This is to keep teams from intermingling on different nets. They will still work on the necessary skills needed, but likely through the end of January they will do so with other positions on their team. We are respecting the CDC protocol of exposure being within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more. 
- All sides of the court will have hand sanitizer so that upon interacting with other teams, coaches can provide sanitation throughout practice. 
- Teams will be dismissed in waves in order to prevent grouping off the courts while putting on street clothes & exiting the facility.
- All coaches will carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and provide this to players between sets and following the end of matches. If time allows, all players will go directly to restrooms to wash hands following a match. 
- Masks will be worn by all players at tournaments, despite tournament location, unless a doctors note AND parent note has been provided due to medical issues. After attending 2 tournaments over the past 2 weekends, it is imperative that our players continue to remain vigilant on their own protection and family's protection for our season to continue without disruption. 
- If a team is not playing or reffing, the team will find a location away from the courts to social distance and rest. 
COVID Symptoms & Quarantine Protocol
- All Parents and players will make me, Cara Martin, aware if they are experiencing COVID symptoms in their household as soon as symptoms occur. This would be a parent, player, sibling or live-in relative. This will allow for communication to begin early about the quarantining needs of said player AND their immediate team & coach. 
- If COVID symptoms occur and the player has been at a tournament, PAVC practice, or PAVC Clinic/event within the past 48 hours of the symptoms onset they MUST get a Rapid COVID test within 24 hours of onset. This allows PAVC to make other families aware AND prepare for missed practices and/or tournaments. We strive to ensure players get as much time in the gym as possible, which is why we allow players to make-up missed practices for free by attending future practices with other teams. We also try to utilize free court space for full teams that must quarantine and need to prepare for upcoming tournaments. However, when we are made aware of a positive COVID test late, preparation for all the previously mentioned things does not come as timely and puts undue stress on myself, the coaches, and other parents. 
- A Player must quarantine for 7 days beginning the day of exposure IF they show no symptoms and provide me, Cara Martin, with a negative COVID test that was taken on Day 6 or 6 of the quarantine. 
- A Player must quarantine for 10 days beginning the day of exposure IF they show no symptoms but choose not to get a COVID test. 
- A player must quarantine for 14 days from the onset of symptoms with a positive COVID test. We do ask that your daughter be symptom free in order to return back to the gym. 
While we understand that this is a lot and this season is so different, please KEEP IN MIND that PAVC wants your daughters to continue to play and grow. In order to do this, we have to stay OPEN by keeping our players and staff safe! Please respect our decisions to ask players to quarantine and refrain from any derogatory emails to myself, your coach or other parents. We are trying to do the very best we can by your kids and our PAV Family! 
Thank you all for the continued support! 

As of Wednesday, March 25, at 5PM, PAVC-NC was forced to close our doors at Precision Athletics Sports Complex due to the executive order that was signed by Governor Roy Cooper.  Your health and safety is our first priority, and we will do all that we can to continue to serve you until a solution is found for our current state. Please see below for updates on how we are going to adjust our game plan during this time!

PAVC-NC has been able to take steps to re-opening as a part of Phase 2 in NC.  No more than 12 players will be permitted at PAVC programs until further notice. Registration online will be first come, first served.  Clinics, camps, group lessons, and private lessons will all still be offered at PASC.  Please see our Protocol Video for protocol that will be followed by anyone who enters our doors at Precision Athletics Sports Complex.

NEW INFO 6/24/2020: Beginning Friday, June 26 protective masks are REQUIRED at Precision Athletics Sports Complex upon entrance and exit into the facility.  Players will be required to wear masks until they are on the court for a program.  All other guests will be required to wear masks at ALL TIMES while inside of PASC.  Spectators will not be permitted at this time. We appreciate your cooperation as this is a state mandated requirement that has repercussions if not followed.

PAVC-TX will be offering summer programs and club practices.  All programs will be held at a location TBD.  Please note that only 12 players will be permitted in each program until further notice, and spots are first come, first served based on ONLINE registration. Please contact Tiffany Jones if you would like to set-up a makeup tryout!

PAVC is also currently offering virtual/online training opportunities for those who are self-quarantined but still looking to train.  


Social Media
Make sure you are following us on Facebook (@PAVClub) and Instagram (@precisionathleticsvbc) to keep up-to-date with skills videos and more daily!

Virtual Private Volleyball Lessons
Coach David Kounlamith will be offering volleyball lessons via Zoom video conferencing to players who would like to work on skill enhancement at home.  Each session will be 30 minutes in length and will cost $40.
*Player must have Zoom, a volleyball, and a guardian present for the duration of the training.*

1-on-1 Training
If you still want to train at home, we can help you!  If you are interested in having a private or group training with a PAVC Coach, please email Cara Martin and/or Tiffany Jones (Texas).

Net/Ball Rental - NC ONLY
Have a big back yard or open space to practice?  PAVC-NC is offering net and ball rental.  A $150 security deposit will be collected for rental of both our net and ball.  A minimum rental period of 3 days and maximum of 5 days at a cost of $50/day will be required.  No contact drop-off and pick-up fee of $25 will apply.  6 nets are available, so the rental will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You can also rent just a volleyball by giving a $20 security deposit which will be returned to you once you are finished using our ball.

Video Cutting Services
With in-person recruiting currently suspended by the NCAA, video recruiting has never been more important.  PAVC offers film-cutting services for athletes.  At just $25/set, we will take your footage and compile it into an awesome highlight tape!  Email Cara Martin ( and Megan Baranko ( to get started!

We would like to keep you up-to-date with the latest from the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.  Check out our COVID-19 Recruiting PowerPoint for more information about recruiting during this time. 

Online Strength & Conditioning
David Kounlamith, LMBT, NASM-PES will be offering online strength and conditioning training plans for those who would like to train at home.  The strength and conditioning program can be created for an environment with or without equipment.  Each plan will be 4 weeks in length and cost $100.